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IIBA Seattle Chapter Event - February 2015 - User Research – A Collaborative Experience 


According to the IIBA, Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. In order to be great business analysts, we need to understand our users.

How many times have you asked yourself the following questions?

  • How do I find the right resources to get the information I need?
  • How do I know I am talking to the right people?
  • I wonder what the users "really" need?
  • Why is it so difficult for users to tell me what the problem is as opposed to providing me the solution they "think" will solve their problems?
  • How can I get people to focus on pain points that will improve the overall workflow?
  • How can I ask the right questions to get the information that will allow me to provide the best solution?

Jon White and Jackie Magwire from Moz will be talking about how they approach user research and how to ask the right questions, understand what the real problem is, how to be the best participant in the conversation in order to provide the best solution for your users in a collaborative manner.


Jon White - Jon is  Product Architect at Moz and oversees Moz Analytics - a Saas application that helps companies and agencies increase their web traffic from search.

Jon fell into product management via software engineering, and a move from London to Seattle. He is particularly passionate about the role of user research in the product management process.

Currently working on acquiring enough North Face gear/drinking enough Ranier to be considered a true north-westerner.

Specialties: Product Management, User Research, Agile Development, Wireless, Online Marketing, SEO.

Jackie Magwire - Jackie is a User Researcher at Moz. She works with the Product Team, Marketing and Engineering to user test new features and products. She is motivated by: learning what makes customers tick, seeing recommendations come to life, proving and disproving hypotheses, and uncovering opportunities to build a better experience. She strives to collaborate access product, design, marketing and engineering teams to encourage a deep understanding of customer needs. Building better products through under customers is her passion.

Moz - Here at Moz we are driven by our mission to make marketing analytics accessible to everyone. We've created software to help people access this data easily, presnt it in a beautiful, easy-to-digest manner, and take the appropriate next steps through our actionalabel insights.

 The mission of the Seattle Chapter of the IIBA is to build awareness of the Business Analysis discipline within the Washington State community through promoting standards and practices in support of the International organization.