2022 BABOK® v3 Study Group

2021 STUDY GROUP REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.   Our next Study group is planned for October 2022. We will post the registration information by September 2022. Looking for immediate training? Try an IIBA Endorsed Educational Provider.

Information below is provided to illustrate how our Study Groups typically operate.  Each study group is organized by our VP of Professional Development and operated by and for the participants.  We are thankful to the Business Analysts at King County for hosting this event.


The IIBA Seattle Chapter BABOK® study group will assist you in preparing for the IIBA certification exams, recognizing the role of a business analyst in each of the BABOK® knowledge areas, and learning from the experience of other study group members how to apply best practices in real-world work environments.

Who Should Attend

  • The business analyst who is preparing for one of the certification exams (ECBA, CCBA, CBAP).  Participation in the Chapter sponsored study group will satisfy the Certification Application requirement of 35 hours of Professional Development.
  • Anyone who is interested in getting exposure to the BABOK®

Schedule and Logistics

On-site participation is strongly encouraged.

Syllabus - 2022 Seattle BABOK® Study Group

The first week will cover the application process and set study group expectations. Then we begin review of the BABOK.


Week 2
Chapter 1:Introduction
Chapter 2 Business Analysis Key Concepts
Appendix A:  Glossary (definitions to know)
Week 3
Chapter 9:  Underlying Competencies
Chapter 10:  Techniques
Appendix B:  Techniques to Task Mapping
Week 4
Chapter 3:  Business Analysis & Planning
Week 5
Chapter 6:  Strategy Analysis
Week 6
Chapter 4:  Elicitation and Collaboration
Week 7
Chapter 5:  Requirements Life Cycle Management
Week 8
Chapter 7:  Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
Week 9
Chapter 8:  Solution Evaluation
Week 10
Chapter 11:  Perspectives
Week 11
Week 12
Case Studies
  Week 13
Exam Prep Tips & Practice Exam Questions

Week fourteen covers additional test practice.

The materials the study group will be using is the BABOK® Guide v3. Access to a free downloadable copy is a benefit of IIBA membership and is available on the IIBA website.  Presentation materials the Study Group is also available on the IIBA website.
All the sessions will be facilitated by one of the study group participants. All participants are expected to present/co-present one session. The VP of Professional Development will provide the study group participants with the location on the IIBA website that outline the key points of each BABOK® section. All study group participants are expected to have read the material before meeting and be prepared to contribute to the discussion. Study group participants will find that the sections they facilitate will be the sections they learn the most thoroughly, which will prepare them well for the exam.  The VP of Professional Development will invite a CBAP® to one or more sessions to respond to questions and add insight from their experience and expertise.

Regular attendance (virtual due to Covid situation) is required for participation in this study group.  Attendance will be taken at each session. A Certificate of Completion will be provided to those who have attended at least 12 of the 14 sessions and will reflect actual Contact Hours. Block off your work calendars now!
Study Group fee is $150 for IIBA Members. Non-members $499. (Subject to change in 2022.) Participants are responsible for purchasing their own study materials. Consider a Study Guide for BABOK® version 3, such as:
CBAP Certification Study Guide  by Richard Larson, Elizabeth Larson 
CBAP / CCBA Certified Business Analysis Study Guide, 2nd Edition by Susan Weese, Terri Wagner

What Past Participants have said:

"Getting the benefits of everyone else's experiences, including the board members! Seriously super valuable, and there are so many things I'm able to take right back to my practice, which is sometimes just a different lens to view it through." -- Tim
"Have really enjoyed when presenters bring their own experience into the presentations." -- Holly
"Well organized from the beginning. It run smoothly, progressed and completed as planned." -- Amin
"What did I like most? The engagement and involvement of many different BA professionals, and their diverse backgrounds."  -- Archer



Questions? Email education@seattle.iiba.org