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Discover and discuss with Angela Wick the 3 impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Business Analysts. We will look at not just productivity, but changes to the SDLC, and our business teams. Angela will lead us through this presentation and conversation as we dig into how the BA role is changing and is impacted by world (and all of our stakeholders) being changed by AI.
Angela has just published her book FutureProof - Amplifying Agility with AI and Insightful Analysis.  It is about how analysis practices are evolving and how to do analysis in a world being changed by AI.  Our role in agility and connecting real value as teams leverage AI is crucial, and this book helps us understand how the role and practices are already evolving -- and will continue to. https://a.co/d/gOTaoFR
About the Presenter
Angela Wick - BA-Cube Founder

Angela Wick is an internationally known business analysis, requirements, and agile product ownership expert. She’s passionate about bringing agility, innovation, and creativity to solution delivery processes.

In addition to her role as creator and host of BA-Cube.com, Angela contributes to industry thought leadership in the following ways:

Host of BA-Cube - An innovative BA Learning Platform: https://ba-cube.mn.co
  • Experience working with 100s of companies (Fortune 500, Gov, Startups) building their analysis and product ownership practices
  • 25+ years of hands-on experience doing business analysis and product ownership work
  • A frequent speaker and keynote at conferences and industry events
  • IIBA BABOK v3 Core Team, leading author on the BABOK v3
  • IIBA Agile Ext. v2 Expert Reviewer
  • PMI BA Practice Guide – Expert Reviewer
  • PMI Requirements Management Practice Guide – Expert Reviewer
  • IIBA Competency Model v1, v2, and v3 – Lead Author and Team Lead
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Hosted by the Bay Area Chapter and others.


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