Data Analysis Boot Camp (3/7/2020-3/8/2020)

Join us for our very first Data Analysis related course from IIBA Seattle Chapter!
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Topic: Data Analysis Boot Camp!
Location: Mercer Island Community Center
Date: Saturday, 3/7/2020 - Sunday, 3/8/2020
Trainer: Kevin Hill
Primary Expertise: Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python, Human Psychology, Statistics
Education/Credentials: PhD, Cognitive Neuroscience – University of California, Davis

This two-day course, organized into key topic areas, leverages straightforward business examples to explain practical techniques for understanding and reviewing data quality. You will learn how to make more informed, intelligent business decisions by analyzing data using Excel functions and the R programming language.


You will get an overview of data quality and data management, followed by foundational analysis and statistical techniques. Throughout the course, you will learn to communicate about data and findings to stakeholders who need to quickly make decisions that drive your organization forward.

In–Class Exercises, Demos, and Real-World Case Studies

This data analyst training class is a lively blend of expert instruction combined with hands-on exercises so you can practice new skills. Leave prepared to start performing practical analysis techniques the moment you return to work. Every Data Analysis Boot Camp instructor is a veteran consultant and data guru who will guide you through effective best practices and easily accessible technologies for working with your data. Through a combination of demonstrations and hands-on practice, you will learn to use data analysis techniques, which are typically the domain of expensive consultants.

Labs for this course are primarily in Microsoft Excel, however, students will get an opportunity to practice using R in some labs. Labs for this course can also be taught using the Python programming language for private onsite clients only.

In This Data Analysis Training Course, You Will: 

  1. Identify opportunities, manage change and develop deep visibility into your organization
  2. Understand the terminology and jargon of analytics, business intelligence, and statistics
  3. Learn a wealth of practical applications for applying data analysis capability
  4. Visualize both data and the results of your analysis for straightforward graphical presentation to stakeholders
  5. Learn to estimate more accurately than ever, while accounting for variance, error, and Confidence Intervals
  6. Practice creating a valuable array of plots and charts to reveal hidden trends and patterns in your data
  7. Differentiate between "signal" and "noise" in your data
  8. Understand and leverage different distribution models, and how each applies in the real world
  9. Form and test hypotheses – use multiple methods to define and interpret useful predictions
  10. Learn about statistical inference and drawing conclusions about the population

Course Pricing:

  Thanksgiving Rate
by 12/13/2019
Christmas Rate
by 12/31/2019
New Year Rate
by 1/31/2020
Regular Rate
by 2/28/2020
Member $798.00 $ 898.00 $ 998.00 $ 1098.00
Non-Member $998.00 $ 1098.00 $ 1,198.00 $ 1,298.00
Group booking
>=5 trainees
$798.00 $ 798.00 $ 798.00  NA

Additional Information: 

  • Classroom size: 10 - 24 trainees
  • Refereal bonus: If you registered the course yourself, and later you introduced your friend/collegues to register our boot camp together with you, you will receive $50 rebate per referred individual (Max $150) after your friends/collegues complete the course. 
  • Group booking: Group booking from the same company with 5 or move than 5 people will receive the special group rate by 1/31/2020. Group booking rate cannot be combined with individual referal bonus offer.
  • If your organization is willing to offer a meeting venue and you have at least 5 team members to join our boot camp, you will get a sepcial Coroperate Sponsor Rate, please contact VP of Professional Development for more details. (
  • For any cancllation request by trainees: Full refund will be provided on and before December 31st, 2019; half refund will be provided between Janurary 1st 2020 and Janurary 31st, 2020; no refund can be peovided on and after Feburary 1st, 2020.
  • IIBA Seattle reserves the rights to change any of the terms and condition on above training information without notice.