2024 IIBA Seattle Chapter Elections

2024 IIBA® Seattle Chapter Officer Elections

Each year an election is held to fill board positions. About half of the board positions come open each year. This allows the board to have overlap in members for continuity from one year to the next. Nominate yourself or others now to join the IIBA Seattle board!! Nominations close May 31.
Reasons to join:

  • Make a difference - Take an active role in advancing the business analysis in the local community
  • Teamwork – IIBA® Seattle Chapter Board members make up a great group of individuals whose purpose and friendship extend beyond the boardroom
  • Advance your career – Volunteering on a professional organization board is a great way to boost your career
  • Earn CDUs – You can get up to 30 CDUs per cycle toward your IIBA® recertification for volunteering as a member of the board
  • Networking – Being on the board allows you to meet individuals from many companies and industries
  • Professional Development – Board members receive leadership training and support from IIBA® International

Board members serve a two-year term. Once elected, the term will be July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2026. To be nominated, a person must be in good standing as an IIBA® member and as an IIBA® Seattle Chapter member. Here is the list of positions that are open for election this year:
President – Provides leadership to the IIBA® Seattle Chapter Board and membership. Establishes and manages the Chapter’s business goals and objectives. Facilitates meetings and acts as mediator and guide. Works to keep the board on task and maximize its effectiveness. Represents Seattle Chapter at IIBA® events and activities. 
Vice President (VP) Partnerships – Develops and maintains relationships with local and regional businesses with the goal to foster financial and expert support for Chapter activities and programs. Sets policies around sponsorship levels and opportunities, benefits and privileges. Helps communicate Chapter value to business leaders and drive Chapter revenue. 
Vice President (VP) Finance – Responsible for financial administration activities such as authorizing payments and recording transactions, managing bank accounts, and complying with laws and tax regulations. Conducts financial management, involving planning, budgeting, and reporting, to ensure continued financial sustainability of the Chapter. Advises the Board on its fundraising strategy. 
Vice President (VP)Membership – Responsible for the sustained growth of the Chapter through new and continued memberships. Sets policies around member dues and fees, benefits, and privileges. Maintains member management systems. Creates plans for membership drives, communicates renewal information, and works with IIBA Global to coordinate membership information.

Secretary - Plays a critical role in communicating and ensuring proper management and use of important organization records. Is the conduit for communication between the board, management, and members, by giving proper notice of any meetings and timely distribution of materials such as agendas and meeting minutes. Tracks important filing deadlines, and files Chapter forms with the Secretary of State, the state tax agency, and the IRS.

Vice President (VP) Programs – Responsible for planning and execution of most chapter events. This includes Speaker Events, Social Events and Workshops (excepting those initiated by Professional Development and Board activities). Develops an engaging year-long slate of speakers, schedules and acquires venues for events, and takes care of logistics for the events. This is a key role because these events mark the primary benefit to members and the main interaction with the Chapter.

Vice President (VP) Professional Development – Responsible for the professional development and educational programs designed to increase the competence of the business analysis community, including certification study and readiness programs. Organizes, promotes, and facilitates BABOK study groups which is of key value to members, and a driver of membership.

Nominations are now open!  Please email info@seattle.iiba.org for more information.