Board Member responsibilities

All board positions serve two-year terms, with elections for positions occuring in alternating years. 

General Responsibilities 

All board members have the following responsibilities:

  • Charter committees and appoint a chairperson as required. 
  • Recruit and manage volunteers. 
  • Develop and implement a succession plan. 
  • Communicate committee strategy, progress, metrics, and help needed. 
  • Remain a chapter member in good standing throughout term as an officer of chapter. 
  • Proactively fulfill all responsibilities in accordance with chapter's bylaws. 
  • Attend all Chapter Board and meetings. 
  • Monitor and respond to Chapter emails in a timely manner. 
  • Assist with Chapter meeting setup and tear down. 
  • Respond to chapter communications within your area of responsibility. 



Primary Objective: Promote the chapter's mission through leadership and actions

Primary responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership to Chapter Board 
  • Ensure board adheres to IIBA and Chapter bylaws and policies 
  • Prepare and chair chapter Board meeting agenda 
  • Represent Chapter at events or on conference calls 
  • Participate in Regional Monthly Conference call 
  • Responsible for the ensuring the chapter has a strategic and business plan 
  • Ensure Board members implement and manages chapter programs and services 
  • Facilitate Chapter Annual General Meeting  
  • Appoint Committee Chairpersons 



Primary Objective: Manage chapter financial records to ensure financial growth and stability

Primary responsibilities:

  • Chapter banking and revenue collection point of contact 
  • Manage Chapter Accounts Payable and Receivables 
  • Present Monthly financial report to Board 
  • Annual financial reports to International 
  • Establish sound, auditable financial procedures 
  • Coordinate independent audit of books 



Primary Objective: Maintain Chapter records and act as the point of contact for all chapter communications

Primary responsibilities:

  • Organize and maintain all chapter business and board documentation.   
  • Receive and respond to IIBA communications request on behalf of the Chapter  
  • Document, publish, distribute board meeting minutes, action items, and decisions 
  • Manage Chapter Board meeting schedule agenda & logistics 
  • Maintain chapter records in chapter storage site 
  • Maintain Board membership information 


Vice President of Communications 

Primary Objective: Develop and manage chapter communications and technology strategy

Primary responsibilities:

  • Stay informed and report out IIBA technology roadmap (Chapter Technology) 
  • Create templates for chapter events and communications 
  • Provide technical support to board members and members 
  • Act as Chapter email system administrator  
  • Ensure chapter adheres to IIBA Chapter Policy Manual – Chapter Technology Policy 
  • Be familiar with and take advantage of IIBA Brand and Communications tools 


Vice President of Professional Development 

Primary Objective: Develop and maintain a chapter professional development program that increases the competency of the business analysis community.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Communicate and promote BABOK and best practices 
  • Communicate and promote IIBA Certifications 
  • Respond to BA community BABOK and Certification (new and renewal) inquiries 
  • Promote and organize annual chapter sponsored study group 
  • Communicate professional development events and sources 
  • Post chapter study group to IIBA Chapter Event Registration 
  • Be familiar with and adhere to IIBA Chapter CBAP Study Group Policy 
  • Report Professional Development updates to Board, including Chapter Study Group metrics  


Vice President of Marketing

Primary Objective: Develop and manage chapter marketing programs promoting the value of IIBA and the chapter to the community at large

Primary responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage chapter social media strategy 
  • Develop and manage chapter external relationships (e.g. Companies, Sponsors, Professional Org) 
  • Organize and manage chapter vendor booths as local conferences 
  • Network and communicate with other professional associations 
  • Provide status and metrics for social media value to the chapter 
  • Be familiar with and take advantage of IIBA Brand and Communications tools 


Vice President of Programs

Primary Objective: Develop and maintain a chapter meetings program that improves BA education, techniques, and awareness.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Maintain Chapter Event Log 
  • Solicit speakers for Chapter Meeting 
  • Prepare all Chapter Meeting communications  
  • Chapter point of contact for all speakers 
  • Responsible for managing Chapter Event logistics 
  • Be familiar with and adhere to the IIBA Chapter Event Registration toolkit 


Vice President of Membership

Primary Objective: Develop and maintain a chapter membership strategy that promotes Chapter membership value to the community at large.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Maintain and promote chapter membership benefits promotional materials 
  • Maintain chapter membership and event registration records 
  • Recruit and communicate with new members 
  • Send out membership renewal reminders 
  • Report membership metrics at Board meeting 


Vice President of Sponsorship

Primary Objective: Develop and maintain a chapter sponsorship strategy that promotes partnership with the BA community.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Establish and promote sponsorship program structure, level, and benefits 
  • Maintain sponsorship agreements and contracts 
  • Maintain prospective sponsorship communications log 
  • Act as chapter contact to current and prospective sponsors 

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